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Born at Nuremberg, 6.5.1951, four children 

Curriculum Vitae 

  • Project and Business Development for the GERAS Senior Healthy Ageing Village in Crete 
  • Project Coordination for the newly planned “Die Deutsche Klinik” in Qatar a 300 bed hospital owned by the Royal Family (Feasibility Study, Business Plan and Master Project Plan)
  • Currently coordination and project management of several international hospital developments, feasibility studies, business plans, commissioning with multidisciplinary team
  • Chairman of the IMTEC in Monaco 20132014 and 2015 in Dubai: International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference organized by Informa (Arab Health)
  • Project proposal for an international magazine “The Patients.Com”
  • Organizer, Owner and Chairman of the European Medical Travel Conference 2010 in Venice,  2011 in Barcelona and in Berlin 2012
  • Managing Director of the project “Treatment in Germany.com” in cooperation with Treatment Abroad, London
  • Current projects in hospital internationalization and cross-border affiliations and case management project  for the medical traveller in the destination region
  • Since 2008 until today CEO of Health Care Strategy Intl. GmbH, Munich. Consulting and networking in the international health care industry, organization of events, cluster management, project management services.
  • Invited speaker in the field of medical tourism and worldwide patient streams, hospital internationalization and marketing  in US, Italy, Portugal, India, Germany
  • 2009 Cooperation with EPOS on the development of feasibility studies for hospital projects abroad 
  • 2009 Chairman of the 2nd European Congress on Health Tourism in Budapest
  • 2007 organization and preparation of an innovative congress platform for medical tourism in 2008: 1. European Congress of Health Tourism (300 participants, Charity Event, held in April 2008)
  • 2005 - 2008: consultant to Europe Health GmbH Munich:

-       Strategic company development of an international patient service,

-       sales and marketing,

-       conference development,

-       medical and partner management,

-       consulting services to international clinics in Germany

-       Editor in Chief of the Europe Health Magazine 

  • 2004: Health Guide GmbH,  business development and management:

   build up of  an international preventive medical department at Starnberg Hospital (Checkup    
   medicine for managers and international patients)

  • 2002 – 2004E-Learning authoring and implementation of didactic concepts for AUDI, BMW, ZF, Vodafone.
  • Script writing and production of corporate communication movies: 

“Vision 2005 – Es sind die Menschen” (UMTS Vision, Corporate Movie for SIEMENS), 15 min video, 1996 

Telew@ys 2005” (Vision how people will work and communicate in 2005), 30 min video, 1997 

“Knowledge Management” (Educational movie for the Fed. Min. of Science and Education in Germany), 30 min video, 1997 

  • 1996 Founding of π Advanced Multimedia and Learnware Solutions Ltd. (later HCSI) and of Dr. Uwe Klein Training and Consulting 
  • 1995 – 1998: SIEMENS AG:  Masterplan, management and supervision of the restructuring project of the telecom branch of SIEMENS. (Culture Change). It was the first large project of its kind in Germany at this time. It included a complete change over and strategic repositioning of 7 different business units, implementation for a total of 36.000 employees worldwide in Germany, US, India and China

        More change and restructuring projects including trainings for:
        Bull, DASA, MAN, BMW Austria, Infineon, T-Systems, Vereinte Versicherung, VDI            
        and more during the years 1996 – 2001.

  • 1995 – ongoing: Activities and projects associated with change of management systems and globalization / trainings and clients:

Projects for implementing the Learning Organisation (Siemens, Infineon)

Change management projects (e.g. customer orientation with T-Systems) 

Intercultural  negotiation skills (VDI, T-Systems)

Creativity workshops (Siemens, MAN, Schörghuber, Arxes, EON)

Intercultural team development/post merger integration(Siemens Hongkong,    
  Siemens Beijing, T-Systems, VDI, Stuttgart Medical School)

Strategy- and leadership (Siemens München, Trane, Microsoft)

Vision development and implementation works (several companies in the IT sector, incl. SIEMENS)

Stress management (Siemens, VDI, T-Systems, high schools, other) 

Conflict management skills (BullVereinte Vers.)

Speaker on international hospital marketing

Management training of hospital staff

Speaker activities (Stress management, Creativity, Learning Organization, 
   intercultural issues)

1994: SIEMENS ROLM in Santa Clara, USA: assisting culture change projects

1993 -1995: Multiple courses and education in economics, management and communication skills 1985 - 1995 Occupational Health and Internal Medicine at SIEMENS AG in Munich, focused on:

Preventive medicine (concepts, courses, events, lectures, internal insurance consulting)

HIV prevention and communication campaigns with the Fed. Ministries in Germany (see also Handbook on “AIDS and Occupational Health”)

Stress management for executives (trainings and personal coaching, over 3000 managers trained from various clients)

Tropical disease prevention

Trainings in creativity development as a personality trait

Innovation shops (product developmentprocess innovation)

Personal coaching of higher management

Cultural integration and coaching of expatriate families and project teams in China, South East Asia, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, Oman

Medical Surveys for preparation of international hospital and telecom projects

Consultant of various commissions for tropical medicine and epidemiologic questions in Germany 

o  1993 Medical Survey  for SIEMENS to Siberia (Jekaterinburg, Cheljabinsk, Novosibirsk) for the preparation of a telecom project (Rostelekom)

o  1992 Medical Survey for SIEMENS in mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand

o  1990 Medical Survey for SIEMENS in Kiev due to radiation concerns of expatriates

o   1987 extended Medical Survey for SIEMENS projects in China Mainland

o    1985:  Examen for Specialist in Internal Medicine

o    1987:  Examen for Specialist in Occupational Health

o    1979 – 1985: postgraduate medical education at

-          Kreiskrankenhaus Erding

-          Zentralkrankenhaus Augsburg

-          Radiology Munich

o   1978: Examen of State in Medicine and ECFMG (US) and Doctors degree

o    1971 – 1978: University of Munich Medical School and McGill University in Montreal, Canada:

 Studies in

-          Anthropology

-          Ethology and Ethnology (behavioural sciences, projects in Borneo and Peru)

-          Psychology

-          Medicine

o    Elementary and High Schools, Abitur (University Entrance Diploma)

       Mannheim and Munich

o    Languages: English, Italian, German. Basics in Spanish, French, Cantonese.

List of Publications (only books listed here):   


Business Training

mvg Verlag, Landsberg, 2000

Contribution in: Absolute Customer Care

Wie verhindere ich Kundenorientierung?

(How to sabotage customer orientation)

Hrsg. A. Papmehl

Signum Verlag, Wien, 1998

100 Fettnäpfe im neuen Job –

 So versagen Sie als Führungskraft garantiert

(100 traps in your new job – a guide for guaranteed failure as manager)

Business Training

mvg Verlag, Landsberg, 1997

Das haben wir schon immer so gemacht –

Ein Kommunikationsratgeber für Veränderungsgegner

(The way we did it always – a practical guide for enemies of change)

Business Training

mvg Verlag, Landsberg, 1996

Innovationsprozesse: Kreativität und gehirngerechtes Arbeiten, München 1994

(Innovation: creativity and brain-adjusted work flows)

Stress am Arbeitsplatz


München 1992

(Stress at Work)

Konzentratives Entspannungstraining für Manager, München 1991

(Concentrative Relaxation Technique)

Der CAD-Arbeitsplatz

(The CAD workplace), in: Arbeitsmedizin,

Sozialmedizin, Präventivmedizin, 7/91

Handbuch AIDS und HIV-Infektionen

Betriebsärztliche Gesichtspunkte, Landsberg 1988

(AIDS and Occupational Health)

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