Medical Tourism

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The patient´s journey to health may invlude travel. Intercultural and cross-border medicine is a constant driver of innovation. A glamoorous industry.

The series of international medical tourism conferences started when Dr. Klein and a colleague were hanging around on a special trade fair in Moscow in October 2006 and were both surprised and shocked when they saw what kind of bullshit services wanted to enter the market. The hit was this service promising future parents green eyes for their children when deciding for a special fertility treatment.

The conversation was as follows. A: “There must something be done to stop this madness.”

B: “How do you want to do this? There is no international regulatory authority in medicine.”

A: “Maybe an international conference, but hell who should do this and how?”

Being the chairman of the congress, B invited A for the opening speech at the first international conference for medical tourism in Munich 2008, one and a half year later. B was Dr. Klein. The story reveals a bit about how B is thinking.

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