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The meme research is full of assumptions and theories. Nobody could yet answer the question: “What is the biological equivalent of what we call a meme?” The question only is for many a sacrilege driven by the dogma that the mind is not a biological phenomenon.

But, wait, to where is this leading to? Are we allowed to enter the magic circus of memes without being punished for knowing too much in the end? And what if thoughts can be contagious in the very meaning of the word?

To explore the secrets of memes is never ending exercise for our brain and keeps us young. Healthy Ageing by finding memes? Has something….


Oh yes, the answer for what they are is here. 

Culture Change

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Sometimes companies need to go for a change.   A branch of a large company was practically bankrupt, the leaders came together for a large workshop in a hotel. The CEO visited Dr. Klein in his hotel room at midnight and spoke to him. CEO: “We will change here everything,…


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  Sensitize – Verify – Accept – Transfer: this sequence is a didactic principle to get practical knowledge transferred to reality. We call it “training”. Lao Tse said: “Put your self in the back and it will enter the room.” Same wisdom is true and is a good recipe to…


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  Life seems full of stories only when you integrate and reflect your daily experiences. Story writing is “inner hygiene” or “clearing the mind”. With stories things can be told which are unbelievable otherwise and vice versa the unbelievable in phantasy may appear as a true story… In the twilights…

Impressum  - V.i.S.d.P. Dr. Uwe Klein, Zentaurstr. 3, 82110 Germering, Germany

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