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The meme research is full of assumptions and theories. Nobody could yet answer the question: “What is the biological equivalent of what we call a meme?” The question only is for many a sacrilege driven by the dogma that the mind is not a biological phenomenon.

But, wait, to where is this leading to? Are we allowed to enter the magic circus of memes without being punished for knowing too much in the end? And what if thoughts can be contagious in the very meaning of the word?

To explore the secrets of memes is never ending exercise for our brain and keeps us young. Healthy Ageing by finding memes? Has something….


Oh yes, the answer for what they are is here. 

Healthy Ageing

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  Dr. Klein is healthy, Dr. Klein is 55+, Dr. Klein has spent 10 years with developing and implementing preventive medical concepts and principles for the SIEMENS AG in Munich during his time as one of their Occupational Health Specialists. Preventive medicine was given a breakthrough in 1986 when the…

Healthcare Development

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  Since 3 years Dr. Klein develops with teams of freelancers solutions in healthcare and for hospital development. Find the projects at www.healthcsi.de. Developing an innovation is not a trivial venture, it needs a dedicated team with a valuable vision. Strange enough, but the majority of innovations can be found when…

Medical Tourism

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  The patient´s journey to health may invlude travel. Intercultural and cross-border medicine is a constant driver of innovation. A glamoorous industry. The series of international medical tourism conferences started when Dr. Klein and a colleague were hanging around on a special trade fair in Moscow in October 2006 and…

Impressum  - V.i.S.d.P. Dr. Uwe Klein, Zentaurstr. 3, 82110 Germering, Germany

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