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Poison MoneyClick on the image to see the trailer.


 Poison Money is based on a movie script registered in Germany in 2007. The project ried to create a movie with still photos. Dr. Klein was annoyed by the fact that cinema advertisment use still photos which are comin with a high expression of actors and perfect lighting. when looking at the movie than you are disappointed when waiting for this very one picture which motivated you to buy a ticket...

 Poison Money is a free lancer project based on free contributions by all artists and tries to develop a new low budget production genre of a kinf of "movies". We called it "Hearbook-Motion-Picture" which became a registered trade mark.

 Poison Money is a full length feature movie and typical Film Noir with a bad end. To make a difference to the overall contemporary public education movies and all-will-be-good-psychology shown in TV early evening series.

Never appeared on festivals yet...

Impressum  - V.i.S.d.P. Dr. Uwe Klein, Zentaurstr. 3, 82110 Germering, Germany

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