Healthy Ageing Projects

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A healthy ageing project puts in the focus a geriatric prevention concept which involves the overall environment aspect and the service mix needed to implement the spin for the healthy ageing proces. 

Architectural and environmental factors play a large role next to social factors, incentived activity portfolios and medical and care service availability.

Such kind of projects can be:

- innovation projects in hotels

- from the scratch, on the green meadow

- suburban re-configuration projects for elderly zones

- vacation villages with extension to healthy ageing components

Why should elderly be forced to adapt to an ever changing world and excluded from many life situations?
We should create living areas perfectly adapted to elderly!


For the GERAS project see:




Impressum  - V.i.S.d.P. Dr. Uwe Klein, Zentaurstr. 3, 82110 Germering, Germany

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