Dr. Klein is putting together teams of various experts in order to produce studies for healthy ageing businesses.

This relates to the large

- elderly care market: growing, growing, growing....

- the 55+ silver agers: in 2030 51% of the population in Germany

- the retirement migration phenomenon


Various services need to be brought together to create a mixture which deserves the title: "Healthy Ageing Approved"

A complete Feasibility Study about a Healthy Ageing Village on Crete with Business Plan and Project Plan "Ready-To-Go" was produced in November 2015. 


Previous feasibility studies:

- German Outbound Medical Tourism to Mediterranean (2013)

- German Hospital Qatar (Die Deutsche Klinik in Doha) (2013)

- German Hospital Qatar Master Project Plan (2014)

- Outpatient Rehab Clinic in Dubai (2015)

- In- and Outpatient Rehabilitation Center in Monastir (2015)


Impressum  - V.i.S.d.P. Dr. Uwe Klein, Zentaurstr. 3, 82110 Germering, Germany

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