Intercultural Negotiation

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Intercultural Negotiation Target  Days  Language

Learn the paradigms, the body language and the predominant problems in intercultursl negotiation settings. Bring in your own cases, learn to control your communication, gestures and process patterns in negotiations. Come to a close and get feedback by video: groups and single. Learn from many practical exercises what is important and what are the typical prejudices about intercultural communication. Sensitize your perception for cultural paradigms, green buttons and red buttons. Example cultures taken from the seminar participants build the basics of the learning process. 

The Harvard Negotiation model and adaptations o different cultures. 

 Product Management,

Negotiation Leaders,

Delegation Leaders,

Business Development


3 Deutsch, English

Impressum  - V.i.S.d.P. Dr. Uwe Klein, Zentaurstr. 3, 82110 Germering, Germany

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